The VoIP System She Tells You Not To Worry About: 5 Reasons To Dump Hosted For byphone

9th January 2020 by Matthew Jordan

I’ve seen you looking at me. Who couldn’t? With innovative reporting analytics, connections hosted across multiple servers and a customisable UI, it’s hard not to think you got the short end of the straw at VoIP speed dating. With nearly every company, albeit too soon, getting hitched with a VoIP communications system, we’re here to argue that maybe it’s time to rethink your relationship.

Here are our 5 reasons why you should make your hosted system the angry ex and byphone the blushing system to be.

1. Playing the Field: Multiple Servers vs. One?

Now, in no way are we advocating a polygamous relationship in your personal life (unless that’s your thing), but why have one server hosting all your communication when you can have many?  byphone’s sophisticated system breaks the norm by housing all data in our database that will then connect to any of our live servers when you want to communicate. This ensures that if one server fails, another will host you without ever knowing! With many VoIP providers providing their service via only one server, make sure your system doesn’t fail you on date night.

2. Helping You Be The Best You: Filter Your Calls With Our Unique VoIP ‘Drag & Drop’ Function

We all need a partner who supports and protects us when times are tough. For companies who rarely have a silent minute in the office, amongst the constant ringing of phones, having calls filtered to the correct place can greatly improve productivity and efficiency. byphone have introduced their revolutionary ‘Drag & Drop‘ function that easily allows users to dictate where their calls go and what responses they receive. It’s important to be supported when making tough decisions and no one does it better than us.

3. Endless Relationship Counselling: Data That Can Cure Your Business Blues

Is it me? No, it’s fine. What did I do wrong? Nothing. Sound familiar? Feedback is crucial for a healthy relationship and you deserve a system that tells you the truth, even when it hurts. Why is data so important? To put it simply, if one in three calls is an acquisition of X amount and our data proves that you miss three calls every day, then you’re missing out on a whole lot of X in the long run. Our reporting and analytics tools will show you the weak points of your call strategy, the efficiency of your workforce and how to strategise a better plan to make you win. Don’t let your relationship with your system hold you back from being successful.

4. It’s OK, You Can Wear The Trousers: Customised vs. Stock Systems

Are you sick of your system constantly bossing you around? Want to do things your way and create a system personalised to your business needs? byphone allows you to create a personalised system, not just in how you filter and manage your calls, but also the aesthetics and look of the OS to reflect the styling of your business. Ditch the rigid rules of your old VoIP system for a relationship on your terms.

5. No Daddy Issues: Welcoming You To Our Family Of Communication

Meeting the parents is never easy, especially if they don’t approve. It can be tiring trying to win over the protective daddy or the over-critical mother. It can ruin the relationship. It’s important to know your newfound love will be celebrated and improved and with byphone’s extensive range of products, you can guarantee you will be invited on the family holiday. Our Voxbox & byroute products seamlessly integrate to your VoIP system to improve the power of your connectivity and provide in-depth analysis of all diagnostics. Let us take away the stress of looking elsewhere for connectivity improvements and let the family help out.

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