The Big Business Benefits – VoIP for SME’s

10th June 2018 by Matthew Jordan

8 out of 10 businesses class the phone as the primary form of communication between them and their customers. However, so many don’t truly understand how VoIP technology can transform their communications and positively impact their business. We’re here to break down the key benefits of switching to the cloud and how VoIP can transform your SME.

There are only really two options for a business in terms of a phone system, either a traditional on-premise solution or a hosted cloud-based phone system. What we want to look at is how choosing the cloud & VoIP can be a smarter choice for your SME.


Historically, the admin of a phone system was carried out by a telecoms engineer, or at least someone who knows what they’re doing. Hosted telephony now gives the administrator the full power and control to implement change instantly and without a degree in engineering. Many SME’s possess a much smaller workforce than those of more giant corporations, and with an easy-to-use cloud communications software, a receptionist or an MD will be able to operate their business’s communications efficiently. The benefits of administrating via the cloud include:

  • New staff – log in and add a user and order a phone
  • Holiday opening hours – login from anywhere and make the change
  • Staff off sick – instantly re-direct their calls

There are numerous scenarios that a businesses life can be made more accessible by being able to immediately action change when needed.

VOIP For SMEs_Infographic

Business Managers

Over the past two decades, if you wanted granular insights to how your business performs when communicating with your customers, you paid a significant premium for it. VoIP now gives the SME sector complete insights to their business and guides them to where change is needed.

  • Missed calls – how many missed calls does your business get and what are the most common times?
  • Credit control – does your credit controller have a target of outbound calls to chase cash?
  • Ring time – how long does it take to answer your phone?

The key to data is to implement change once it’s understood. Making organisations more efficient and improving your customer’s experience when calling your business is vital for prospering in a competitive market.


In a pre-VoIP world, that dense heap of plastic on your desk was your only tool to communicate with the outside world. Fear no longer, you are free of the shackles chained to your desk phone; you are now mobile. Users can now control and personalise their phone system, be found everywhere, use your mobile like your desk phone and make a call from the internet; all the while connected to the office phone system. Staff are now empowered and have real flexibility when communicating with customers.

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