Are You Capturing The Value in Your Call Data?

5th September 2018 by jude

Like other businesses in recent years, you’ve probably experienced some of the benefits of collecting call data. We’re finally able to know how customers interact with our business and how we respond to them – and how we can do it better. But collecting data isn’t enough, it’s what we do with that data that’s really crucial.

Just how do I make use of my call data?

Listen to the Volume

When looking at call volume data, identifying recurring spikes of high and low call volumes enables you to change staffing levels to reflect these patterns. If you find a surge in calls around 6pm every evening –  it might be valuable to tailor shift patterns to manage this influx of calls. By using these trends to inform your decisions, your customers are less likely to face long call waiting times and poor customer service. A positive experience means customers are more likely to return, and spread the word to others – improving your overall reputation as a business.

Use data to innovate your business

You’ve identified a spike of calls around the Christmas period, when low staffing levels meaning you’re struggling to cope with the calls – how do you deal with this?

Sometimes it’s valuable to take a look at what might be causing these influx of calls and rather than increasing phone staffing to just deal with them, addressing this issue that’s creating them in the first place. Maybe customers are waiting on packages being delivered for Christmas, but haven’t received them on the expected date – cue an influx of frustrated calls. In this case, switching to a more reliable courier may result in less delays in deliveries and therefore less annoyed calls to the company.

This might mean making significant changes to your product or service, which may be costly at the time – but ultimately this is going to result in lower staff costs, better customer satisfaction and a general improvement in the bottom line of your business.

Employees are Invaluable

Sourcing data from the operating level can provide a really comprehensive overview as to how your business actually works, and how it can work even better. By analysing call info at a team level, it allows you to see just how effectively calls are being managed – enabling rewards and coaching where necessary.

Are a certain team struggling to manage calls at a time of heavy volume?

Maybe resources from a quieter department can be redirected during these times through call routing – avoiding extra costs on staffing and creating a shorter call waiting time for customers. To find out more about routing calls for your business read here.

By providing your team with feedback opportunities and data collection tools (like call tagging), it enables more control over their workload, creating a better working environment and encouraging productivity.

To find out more about a VoIP system that enables your business to collect call data, click here

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