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Partner Channels as a Catalyst for Growth

1st November 2018 by Matthew Jordan

Growth is an important part of business, and something we’ve experienced and learnt from. From our roots as a small company in Belfast, to a now nationally recognised business, we’ve been asked by industry experts –  What is the key to this growth?

In short, partner channels.

One of the integral components in our growth has been the development of partner channels throughout the UK. We’ve experienced an almost weekly growth of these partnerships which have helped us extend the reach of our vision. 

But just how do you attract and maintain these relationships?

Design a product that people want to buy

The building and design process was an essential part of creating an overall cloud based system that changed how companies communicate. To address this, we first has to look at what was currently out there, and how businesses used it. In doing this we wanted to find how traditional phone systems were failing people, and how this insight could be used to create the world’s most simple to use phone system – making it an easy sell for our channel partners.

Just who was using the phone systems?


We wanted to create a system that allowed sophisticated changes to be easily made. We achieved this through our drag and drop technology, enabling rapid control over the call flow and direction of routing.

Drag & Drop call flow

Our goals were bigger than this. We wanted more.

We realised the potential for saving partner engineering resources, by making the systems so easy that customers could direct their own call routes. When a partner was able to complete a user install for over 100 individuals with device provisions, in just 2 hours, we knew we’d got it right.


The lifeblood of a business. As the people who inspire and implement change, we wanted to give them the tools to do this. But just how could we do this?

Data and analytics

We wanted to help management improve the efficiency and overall customer experience of the business by providing crucial insights into how they were communicating, and how they could do it better. But tools like this are often very costly.

We therefore integrated access to call data and executive analytic tools within our systems, creating a valuable and competitive package for our channel partners to offer.


Arguably the most important people to consider when designing a product. We wanted to make communicating with their customers effortless. But how could we achieve this?

We started by looking at how each person within a company uses their phone, from the receptionist to the engineers. The most important goal was ease of use, one click to dial a number. One click to see who’s available. We wanted to empower users to have more control and efficiency in how they did their jobs.

Once we had created a product that met the needs of the three core groups in a business, we now needed to examine our customer proposition to provide our partners with a product to secure business.

We decided to go against the grain.

A phone system with all the bells and whistles? Or a simple phone system that does what you need it to.

We went for the latter. Why did we do this?

Simple – we wanted to increase our partners rate of sale, by providing them with a product they could sell more of, at a faster rate.

Introducing Lite

Only pay for the features you need.

No IVR? Then don’t pay. Don’t need voicemail? We won’t add it on.


Where the real magic happens. Every feature as standard, all call reporting, data and analytics included. If a business wants to improve efficiency, this is the solution for them.

Now we had the right software and commercial offering, it was time to start thinking outside the box, to add pure value that no one else in the market place was offering.

What other components are critical for partners?

This is when the Voxbox was born.

A simple gadget that measures all things important on a VoIP network, ensuring perfect call quality.

We wanted to use the Voxbox in two ways:

Pre-sales tool

When you’re talking to a business being an advisor rather than a salesperson, amazing things happen. Our Voxbox does just that. When competitors are focusing on selling them a phone system, our partners are engaged in a conversation to ensure their network is up to the job, providing technical knowledge and credibility unlike any other business.

Our partners plug the Voxbox into the network, set up scheduled testing for real time call analytics and other network tests. Leave it for a few days, allowing them to return and collect and discuss the results. Once they know the network’s suitable, they can continue the conversation for byphone. Customer now feel confident in our partners delivering the right solution.

After sales tool

You receive a phone call about poor call quality, how do you determine the cause?

Are there dodgy cables?

Did they setup Office 365 that’s eating up bandwidth? Or have they now outgrown their network capabilities?

The Voxbox will tell you instantly.

The combination of software, quality solutions and the right engineering tools provide our channel partners with something that really stands out in the marketplace.

Smart sales

Got data? Then we’ll help you sell the product.

We can provide telesales resource to our partners, with their given GDPR permissions. We can make the call as the partner and book an appointment for them to go out and sell.

Short on time?

We’ll even attend customer sites and present byphone on our partners’ behalf. This can initially be to help partners train, or as on-going support to help them secure business. We cater to your needs, offering excellent commercials for both white label and reseller partners.


We’re currently partnering with IT and Telecoms businesses through the UK. Interested? Then we’d love to sit down over a coffee with you and see if our businesses can work together.

Want to find out more? Visit us here.




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