What If Schools Could Have Their Own Bully Helpline?

3rd September 2018 by jude

With schools starting back and many of our sons and daughters facing the first day back nerves, it got me thinking of how VoIP can help schools AND pupils alike.

Many individuals have had horrific bullying experiences in schools, yet a lot of schools can’t even help. Why you ask? Because they don’t even know it’s going on a lot of the time.

This may be down to a lot of things, and in my opinion it’s usually down to children being afraid of telling a teacher / member of staff what’s happening. The fear of not knowing what the consequences will be and the aftermath of telling on your bully stops kids from coming forward.

Being a father myself, I know my two daughters will do anything to get away from an awkward conversation that will make them feel uncomfortable, especially face to face.

So, what if every school had a way of allowing children to communicate outside and inside of school hours, without the uncomfortable feeling of talking face to face, or having to write all their thoughts in an email.

What if every school had a way of allowing children to express themselves anonymously (or not in some cases) and give teachers a tip off that something’s not quite right?

This way it might just provoke the pupil to reach out for help without having to face the music of owning up to being bullied in a face to face environment. The call may even go to a specific set of skilled members of staff, who are trained to help in such situations.

What if every school had a ‘bully line’?

A bit like their own ChildLine channel where pupils can call at any time and speak with qualified professionals who can guide them on the best course of action, or simply just lend an ear.

With many children now owning their own smartphone, it couldn’t be easier for them to reach out to their own school. Whether that be for help themselves, or a friend who wants to ensure the school know about a specific situation. But the main point here is that they can do so in confidence.

We all associate this with a ‘phone line’, when in actual fact there could be virtually zero costs for schools to make this happen. In fact, they don’t even need physical phones to take the call. All they need is broadband (which they already have) and a list of teachers/staff willing to take a call. Pupils make the call, select their year group and the teacher’s PC / mobile rings. At no cost to the school.

We’d love to reach out to schools across the UK to see how we could make this work for them…..

Give us a call on 0800 024 8974 to see how we can help your school.

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