Smart Phone Systems for Small Businesses

17th October 2018 by jude

A phone system might not be at the top of your priority list, but given 80% of business communications take place over the phone, the cost of a poor phone system on your business might be more than you thought.

You need to have a clear and readily available channel of communication to allow your customers to get in touch, and create a smooth flow of communication internally.

Big businesses have the resources to employ designated call teams and sophisticated call management systems, meaning they’re generally contactable 24/7 – but this isn’t always an option for smaller businesses with more limited staffing.

Surely there’s an affordable way to improve call systems in SMEs?

Yes, there is.  At Byphone we offer a flexible and easy to use system that will completely change how you communicate. Our system offer a user friendly experience aimed at improving the flow of calls through your business. But that’s just the beginning.

Getting personal

People buy people first. We understand that you are the heart of your business, but you can’t always pick up the phone. No one wants to talk to a machine, which is why we enable you to customise your voicemail by simply recording and uploading an mp3, giving your phone system a more personal touch.

Business on the move  

Networking is an essential part of generating business in an SME, which means you can’t always be glued to your desk. We realise the importance of mobility in small businesses, which is why our system allows you to easily direct your business calls to your mobile, for those days when you’re on the go.

Customer service is key

Given that 80% of a businesses profits are generated by 20% of returning customers, keeping customers satisfied is integral to your businesses success. But just how do you deliver?

Problems arise in business, it’s human nature. But having an open and clear channel of communication between you and your customer makes the process of addressing these issues a whole lot simpler.

More intelligent call flows through your company can connect your customer with the right person, which leaves them feeling less frustrated and more valued – making them more likely to return to do business with you.

Getting the message, loud and clear

With the myriad of features phones can offer these days, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the actual quality of a call. A phone system’s most fundamental function is to send and receive messages, a high quality connection and clear sound quality is therefore essential in allowing the flow of communication both to and through your business.

At Byphone, our products and services have been developed with these needs in mind. We realise that an easy to use and effective phone system empowers the individuals within a business to better manage their workload and interaction with colleagues, which aids the flow of communication, ideas and inspiration – ultimately enabling your business to grow.

Want to find out more about our smart phone systems could improve your business? Get in touch.


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