Secure, Resilient, Flexible


Fully loaded with over 1000 features, the system will do what you want.


Our Enterprise solution improves your customer care. Providing you with the data and the control to optimise the way you handle your calls

Measure your call performance

Some key questions that the data allows you to address immediately are:

  • How long does it take us to answer the phone?
  • How many calls do we handle in a day, week, month and is there a skew in this volume, have we the right staffing levels in place?
  • How many calls do we miss and is this skewed by time of day?
  • Could we improve our call flow strategies to improve call answering?
  • How many calls go to voicemail?

The presence metrics statistics provide call stats grouped and sorted into KPI Dashboards, presented as easy to read graphs.

Byphone enterprise improves your business efficiency

Take advantage of the full range of features thatĀ help to optimise your communications to make your business work smarter
Missed call reports

Our live reports will help you monitor and identify when missed calls are occurring so you can manage your resources.

Call recording

An easy way to improve efficiency, through accessing employee performance, gain customer insight, increase revenue and improve customer experience.

Disaster Recovery

The flexible nature of our PBX makes it ideal for disaster recovery strategies. We use four data centres and use over 600 carriers so there will always be a route for your call.

Opex not Capex

Upgrade your Phone System without adjusting your budget. Pay only for the users you require at present and scale as required.

Maintenance Included

No need to pay annual maintenance fees. Moves and changes can be made instantly.

Free Upgrades

The byphone team upgrades the firmware on all systems automatically.