Configure and deploy a phone system in minutes with drag and drop

Configuring a phone system will never be the same, it’s so easy to do, anyone can do it. No manual needed.

Point any number to anywhere

Incorporate any device, even if it’s not part of the phone system. Integrate your mobile, home and personal numbers with ease. Even record their calls for peace of mind.

"107 handsets with 77 DDI's configured and provisioned in under 2 hours."
– Edinburgh Academy –

Scale with ease

As a system grows, so does your call flow. Simply link up a new number to an existing flow or drag and drop new features in, instantly.

"700 Numbers configured and managed from one call flow screen."
– Mid and East Antrim Borough Council –

End users love it

No more contacting their provider for simple changes, customers love having the control to change their communications, easily.

Simple doesn’t mean basic

Our award winning VoIP software may be easy to use, but it’s certainly not basic. Our call flow’s can scale to thousands of phone number all in one screen.

"There's no having to faff around, there's no having to learn complex terminology. From my point of view it’s how, the system has been built from the ground up. "
– Owen Conti, Managing Director, Code 56–

Ready to build
better call flows?

One of our experts will show you how our drag and drop has revolutionised call routing.

Learn more: Call Recording

Our simple user interface allows you to retrieve a call recording with just a few clicks, provided you have the necessary permissions. You can even activate the recording mid call on a mobile.

Learn more: Call Analytics

Improve an organisation with detailed call analytics. By understanding how your team is performing on inbound and outbound calls, make big changes through our simple call flow