Gain business and team insights through call analytics

Improve your customer experience by visually understanding how your business is performing, through easy to understand graphs.

Detailed call analytics, available anywhere on any device

byphone’s call reporting gives management and users access to call analytics in an easy to digest format, no manual needed. Our easy to use graphing tools, immediately give the management team the information they need to focus their energy on and improve the businesses. They can even access it on any device, anywhere in the world.

Access in 2 clicks

Inbound and Outbound, we’ve got you covered

Our VoIP call reporting engine allows teams to start prioritising their days in just 2 clicks. From anywhere, a team member can see their performance and try to improve. Everything is in the detail, that’s why if you need to drill down on the data, 2 more clicks and you’re at the phone record with the call recording attached. The Power of Simple.

Get the data,
make the change

Empower management to improve an organisation

You have the data, now what do with it? Our drag and drop call flow allows managers to easily make changes to how their team are handling calls. Missed calls on Friday, within 3 clicks add a new user to answer calls in Fridays. It’s really that simple. Our VoIP call reporting is that easy to use, no manual is needed.

"The Call Reporting software has given us so much visibility on our inbound and outbound call stats to help us really understand our business and more importantly what our customers think of us."
– Gordon Mellon, Director, Sammy Mellon and Sons Ltd –

Every business can benefit

VoIP insights can help everyone

No matter the size of an organisation, detailed analytics on how you communicate with customers can be invaluable in delivering the best customer experience. Making the right changes couldn’t be easier when you can see what needs changed.

Improve Business Efficiency
through Call Reporting

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Our simple user interface allows you to retrieve a call recording with just a few clicks, provided you have the necessary permissions. You can even activate the recording mid call on a mobile.

Learn more: Call Flows

Manage all devices and numbers with drag and drop technology, in one easy to use portal. Anyone can configure a phone system with byphone.

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