Data Centres

Byphone systems are co-located in four data centres: London, West Dublin, North Dublin, Europe West
All Byphone DataCentres and data are kept in Europe.

Resilience and Availability

Our service makes use of many complementary layers to reduce the probability of failures. Calls are routed to the phone system that provides the best available service. This happens automatically. Depending on requirements byphone staff can manually route a system to a different datacenter. Consul provides us with realtime healthcheck of all customer facing services, and automatic healing of our network. Initial connection speeds from your premises to our service is measure on the site

Operating Systems

The platform runs on Debian, current production version is Jessie. The Byphone team updates this operating system on all systems automatically when they deem it appropriate.

Discreet Phone systems per customer

Each instance of a phone system is a discreet LXC container with a customer’s own settings, and files all kept together combined with their own database, and web management portal, and email server. Each customer LXC is hosted in multiple datacenters for faster access, and resilience.

SIP Register & SIP Proxies:

Device gateway & Carrier gateway & Load Balancer & Border protection.

Different instances of Kamailio perform each of these functions allowing all elements of the service to scale as your business requirements scale.

Media Servers

Various phone media functions are delivered by Asterisk 13.

System Provisioning

This is a bespoke GUI, backend application, and system integration created by Voxbit
Saltstack is used to co-ordinate deployments and configuration.

Ongoing System management

This is a mix of FreePBX and Voxbit GUI together with some custom modules and configuration.

Phone Network Connections

There are over 600 direct connections through to the telephone network, and the phone numbers are provided by the following carriers.

Softphone connections

We support the Zoiper softphone which runs on most IP devices. Once you set up your phone system there is an ability for each user to download a fully configured softphone for each registered user on the system


We support all SNOM handsets. There are many other IP handsets that will work on the system,its just that you will have to manage their configuration on your own. SNOM handsets can be automatically provisioned from your phone system configuration.

Issue Diagnostics

We use Homer for SIP logging and SIP application diagnostic tool for any issues that might arise.


VoIP is a hostile operating environment, so over the years we have developed over fifty different security features on the platform. They are divided into three categories. Ingress security, service requests, egress security. However no system is completely safe so we operate a realtime pre-billed model to limit the amount of damage that could occur from stolen passwords, disgruntled employees, mistakes or other hacks. We also use your historical call traffic to help model your expected usage, and to alert us and block any unusual call profiles.