What type of broadband connection do I need for the phone system?

We recommend a dedicated FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet, or superfast broadband connection). This is more to do with the stability of the connection rather than the amount of data bandwidth that is required.

However we offer a free software trial so that you can try it yourself and see what you think? On the front page of the site there is a timer that measures the round trip time to our servers showing you whether the speed of you connection will manage the demands of voice at all.

Broadband stability

Our customers have found that running a system on an ADSL 2+ connection is fine most of the time. But the electrical signal over the length of the signal sometimes leads to occasional dropped packets. With Fibre to the Cabinet the electrical signal has a very short run and is therefore much more stable.

Dedicated broadband

Voice uses very little space on a broadband circuit. The reason why we recommend dedicated broadband circuits is that occasionally with shared broadband circuits during a large data upload the data can bleed into the voice and interrupt call quality. There are Quality of Service measures that you can use to protect against this. However some file types will still interfere with the voice. Just depends.

Poor broadband Connectivity

You can still use this system with poor or no broadband. You just use it to manage the inbound calls and then forward the calls onto other telephone numbers. Follow the link for the services that you can use.