See who's on the phone, from anywhere, on any device

The better way to see who’s available,
forget lights on a handset

The days of huge receptionist consoles are over. byphone’s presence panel allows every user to configure their own software, allowing them to subscribe to the users they want to see. Whos’ on the phone, who’s calling someone, who’s available and who’s on DND can be easily accessed without the manual

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Control devices from your PC

We’re no longer tied to our desk

byphone’s VoIP presence panel not only allows you to easily see who’s on the phone, it enables you to drive the phone system with a click of a mouse. Simply select the user you wish to call, and the device you wish to call them from. Our presence panel call use any device to make a call, such as desk phones, mobile apps, web RTC or desktop softphones.

"Partnering with byphone has probably been one of the best decisions we have made over the last 5 years."
– Ian Spooner, Managing Director  Edincomm Ltd –
Different locations,
1 screen

Multiple offices in multiple locations, no problem

Our VoIP presence panel enables businesses with staff in different locations to be easily viewed, from one screen. Our hosted phone system will pick up any user, on any device, in any location.

See who's on the phone
through Presence Panel

Learn more: Call Recording

Our simple user interface allows you to retrieve a call recording with just a few clicks, provided you have the necessary permissions. You can even activate the recording mid call on a mobile.

Learn more: Call Analytics

Improve an organisation with detailed call analytics. By understanding how your team is performing on inbound and outbound calls, make big changes through our simple call flow

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