Security & Resilience

Included as standard.


The system uses a micro services architecture using SDN technologies with containers to ensure that there are mutliple instances of each service within a data centre. This service is not dependant on a particular computer node.

Across Multiple Data Centres

The service is available from many different DCs. Should a particular DC be unavailable the service then selects the closest available DC to provide the call services. All the users call recordings, voicemail etc. are available simultaneously in all the DCs.
Conflicts between DC's are avoided using consensus Protocols

Load Balancing

The system loads balances between different nodes within a DC and within multiple DCs using orchestration technologies ensuring there is always capacity available for a call. The system can also spin up additional nodes in a DC within a few moments notice from the orchestration engine.


Good security has many layers to it. One padlock is never enough. Calls are rated in real time which allows for credit limits to be set on an account. This puts a low ceiling on the cost of a security breach.

Security (contd)

Limiting access on the basis of IP destinations doesn't work very well. A very high proportion of all attacks are through VPNs with European Addresses. Lengthy passwords and brute force blocks are much more effective.


Destination blocks also make more sense. If you are unlikely to want to call certain countries or premium rate numbers, why not block them.