About byphone

byphone was built by Voxbit Limited, part of the Clarity Telecom Group. Our engineers have been supplying telephone services and systems since 2000. In 2006 we installed our first VoIP systems, and the same team are behind todays systems.

Our aim is to build on our knowledge base to reinvent the business phone by merging the worlds of cloud computing, web services & telecommunications to make collaborating part of the team.

David Whelan : Founder & Managing Director

David has been involved in VoIP systems since 2006, and was also Chairman of an ISP provider.


Paul Smith : Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Paul has been building phone systems since he was a lad. He completed his undergraduate degree and Masters in Oxford specialising in communications technology.

Back Office Support

The company has more than 20 phone system and IT specialists ready to help you in setting up your new phone system. Just call us.

   Tel: 0800 024 8974

   Email: info@byphone.co.uk