Integrate your Teams users into your office phone system

Allow your Team to use their Microsoft Devices as part of their byphone extension.

byphone allows you to run most of your office on a cloud based phone system while giving some of your users phone system access via teams

Best of Both Worlds

With byphone customers can attach a range of devices (mobile, deskphone, computer phone, landline phone) to their account and manage how they receive their calls and use all of the other phone system services.

All users in an office can collaborate sharing messages, content, and video. The byphone integration allows those teams users that need to make calls from their teams account to do so using their teams account as one of their devices on the main office system.

By utilising byphones 20 years experience, you can now pay Microsoft only for the users you decide wish to make calls to the outside world. Of course ‘normal’ teams users continue as they were.

We get it, not every user wants to be using their laptop and UC tools. Connect your phone system users with a more traditional desk phone, Teams users with their Teams devices and even utilise our Web RTC, the choice is endless. Well nearly.

Things happen, and that’s why we prefer to control your most precious communications’ asset (phone number) via our resilient, award-winning platform, leaving nothing to chance. Through byphone, route calls to any number, even not on our platform, no matter what type of device they are using, now that’s unheard of.

A first in VoIP solution, include any external number into your phone system. Any number can be fully integrated into a fully functional hosted phone system, even incorporate a London phone box.

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Microsoft Teams
Now a Supercharged Collaberation Tool
Through Byphone

By integrating Teams and byphone as a unified solution, reap the benefits of a fully fledged phone system with all the bells and whistles, while still utilising the Teams UC features.

Multiple Devices per user

Every user can decide which devices they prefer to use. Via Teams or byphone

Call Flow Management

Customers can quickly make changes to their call flow without getting caught up in Teams configuration

Transfer to any Number

Using our leading integration, users can now transfer to anyone, even a London phone box

Remote Working Toggle

Toggle between the office and home with 1 click, re-routing calls to specific devices without the configuring

Personal Ring Groups

Allow staff to have their own unique call flow for their phone number rather than simply ringing

Cheaper Calling Plans

Beat the bluechip by using our Tier 1 providers for making and recieving calls, via Teams

The perfect solution for Unified Communication

Use any Device, Anywhere

Call, chat or video, the power is in the customers hand. Our Teams integration provides customers with endless possibilities when it comes to devices

Desk Phones

Dect Phones




Calling Plans that don't break the bank

Benefit from byphone rates, through Teams

No need to worry about buying any extra calling plans through Microsoft, all your calls are covered through your byphone licence. Benefit from unlimited calls to all UK landline and mobile numbers, and competitive international rates.

Combined Licencing


Your Teams license will require the Microsoft Phone System add-on. This is included with some licenses, such as E5, or can bolt on for around £6

If you wish to use Teams as your dedicated desk phone, you can choose to use the soft client via mobile / desktop which is included within your Teams license.

No need to worry about expensive calling plans when you can use your byphone license through Teams to do the hard work for you, at a fraction of the cost

Microsoft Teams provides limited functionality for configuring a full phone system, no need to worry though, byphone do that for you

Teams as a platform does not offer call recording, we’ve got you covered

Teams will limit you to transferring to others users, rather than ext numbers or external numbers such as mobiles. We’ll pick up the slack on this one.


Teams integration is included as standard with our Enterprise license, enjoy the UC features with added byphone benefits, for one cost

Use any physical device or softphone with your byphone license, this can include a Teams handset. Every user can choose to have two devices on top of their Teams softphones.

Benefit from better calling plans through byphone. Our license will provide you with unlimited calls to all UK Landline and Mobile.

Our Enterprise license will supercharge your Teams license into a fully fledged phone system. Providing endless PBX features including reporting, presence and our drag and drop call flow

Our competitive call recording bolt on allows you to play and download in 1 click. We have no storage or time limits for your precious data

Using byphone, through Teams, you can transfer a call to any ext, number, location.

How can Microsoft Teams Integration fit into Your Business

Does the below scenarios sound familiar?

Collaboration between the
Home & Office

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Some Staff want Teams,
Some Staff Don't

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Don’t take our word for it, here’s some of our awards
"Partnering with Byphone has probably been one of the best decisions we have made over the last 5 years."
"We have been using byphone from Voxbit for a year now and have found both service and the portal excellent and easy to use."
"When you are setting up a new environment or making changes to your current one. It is drag and drop, paint and done really."
"The byphone phone system with its drag and drop provisioning portal leads the field in terms of productivity and workflow."