All the benefits of a landline. Just without the landline


If you’re a small business, it can really help to have a landline. It makes you look established. It reassures customers. And it shows them you’re local. But it’s no good if you spend most of your time out and about.

That’s why we’ve created Incoming! byphone. You’ll get a local landline number that rings straight to your mobile. You could also transfer a current landline number or choose a number from any of the 58 countries we cover. Either way you have an office phone to share with your team, with all the benefits that come with it sitting neatly in your pocket.

Answer more calls

Because calls go to your mobile, there's never any need to rush back to base to pick up your messages. And if it's urgent, you won't miss the call.

Puts you in control

Access the Pocket Landline online portal from your laptop, mobile or tablet and manage how customers can contact you.

Get more business

A landline reassures customers. And because it's local, people can see where you're based - really helpful if they're after a local supplier.

See how you're doing

Easy to access reports on the Pocket Landline online portal show your business's peak hours and which areas calls are coming from.

Product Features

 A virtual landline

Get the benefits of a landline on your mobile. Keep your existing landline numbers or set up new ones, and answer calls to your office wherever you are in the field.

 Business in more locations

Expand your business into new areas without the costs and risks of taking on new premises . Create virtual landline numbers with different area codes and bring in new customers looking for a local service.

 On-hold music

On-hold music

With on-hold music your business can present a professional image and ensure callers know they’ve not been cut off or forgotten. This will play whenever customers are in a queue or put on hold.

 A virtual secretary

With auto-attendant – our ‘virtual secretary’ – calls can be automatically directed to different parts of your business to ensure your customers speak to the right person first time, every time.

Catch every call

Answer calls faster with the hunt group feature. When a call comes in, anyone in the group can pick it up. You can set their phones to ring simultaneously or one after another until the call is answered.

 One central voicemail

Share a single voicemail box for all your numbers. Any messages can be retrieved – and acted on – by anyone in the company, meaning no call is ever truly missed.